Looking to Improve Your Portrait Photography?

Look no further.


Complete with over 25 concise chapters and dozens of images, this practical eBook is the perfect starting place for improving your portrait photography skills!

It was specifically written to accommodate both point-and-shoot and DSLR users, and the content presented addresses both technical and practical issues that many aspiring photographers struggle with.








A Beginner’s Guide to Portrait Photography will help you in your photographic journey as you seek to improve your technique and increase your knowledge. Budding and casual photographers alike will greatly benefit from the wide variety of subjects covered!

For little more than the cost of a large frappuccino, you can learn to take compelling pictures of your friends and family that you will cherish for years to come!



My good friend and fellow photographer, Emily Rose Brookshire, penned the foreword to A Beginner’s Guide to Portrait Photography.  Emily Rose has inspired me for many years.  Her beautifully unique photographs convey an invigorating air of freshness, joy, and vibrance of life.

Read the foreword below…

+++ ”Lauren and I met after both our interests in photography had
+++ already blossomed, which led us to shooting multiple conferences
+++ together. Since that first meeting, we have photo-blogged together,
+++ enjoyed capturing images in beautiful natural lighting, and grown
+++ in friendship.

+++ If portrait photography is something you are interested in, whether as
+++ a hobby or to seriously pursue, this book is the perfect tool  for you!

+++ Lauren presents a good foundation, making this a valuable resource
+++ for all aspiring photographers! She covers the basics from the
+++ technical side of camera functions, to helping your subjects feel
+++ comfortable and relaxed, to making the most of your surroundings
+++ for captivating and engaging portraits.

+++ As you seek to grow and learn, this tip and technique-filled book
+++ will offer you helpful information which you can apply to improve
+++ and excel in your photography.”

Emily Rose Brookshire
Keep smiling and keep practicing,

Emily Rose Brookshire aka Simply Vintagegirl




The response to A Beginner’s Guide to Portrait Photography has been overwhelming, to say the least!

Here are a few of the positive reviews and comments I have received…

+++”Wow! I bought and read it today. I have been taking portraits for people for three years now, and I
+++know I have grown and learned a lot since then. Honestly, I feel like after reading through the book
+++that already my skills have gone up another notch. I have such a better understanding of aperture
+++and how to use it along with shutter speed and ISO. I had, like many, gotten in the rut of using
+++Tv and Av modes most of the time.

+++I guess what I am trying to say is… THANK YOU!”

+++– Hope

+++”I bought your photography guide when it first came out, and I have learned so much from it.
+++Thank you for writing it!  I [was] having trouble fitting the ISO speed and the aperture together,
+++but your book is helping me figure it out.  :)   It is very helpful!”

+++– Emily


+++ ”Well, I’ve only gotten through the part regarding organization. After reading that, I spent the
+++rest of my time last night re-organizing my pictures with your genius method!  What a great idea!
+++Can’t wait to finish the rest of the book.”

+++– Ashley


+++”I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing your book has been to me already– and the timing of it
+++was amazing!”

+++– Antoinette


As I mentioned above, the response to A Beginner’s Guide to Portrait Photography has been fantastic.
I honestly believe that you will find this ebook to be a valuable addition to your library. So much so, in fact, that I am offering a money-back guarantee!

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to purchase your copy.

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